Monday, December 26, 2011


i have nt been doing anything useful during holidays and sch's gonna start in 1 week time and i still have not done my assignment yet.. i just don feel like doing it. but i noe i must do it, i will try to complete it by weekend. smtimes i just hope tat sch starts, so tat i will not waste my time doing nth at home, i feel so boring and useless at home everyday,i have not leave the house for 3 days alr, and i really cannot stand such life, i want to go out and meet my freinds and talk to them... im like rotting at home, just few more days and tats it... ive planned to do a lot of things during holidays, but it seems like i did not manage to do it, without discipline, resources and people's cooperation, it will nv ever work out... maybe nxt time, i will plan smth which i can do it alone, and i must have the discipline to do it!! really!!!

People, can euu just stop criticising others, when euu urself is nt as good as euu think?? reflect first can??

i did it out of boredom... trying to take down all moments of myself:):)


have been watching lots and lots of dramas recently, and i really appreciate the story, it really did make a big influence to miie:):) i get touched easily and my feelings towards the story doesn't fade, even if i have watch it a lot of times before...

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I don't noe why recently i feel tat life is really complicated.. i met through a lot of things, people and somehow, i sometimes feel really tired..
i would like to have something more simple and really peaceful.. i dont wan all those things, i just wan to go to sch, attend lesson and go home.. sometimes i hope tat my wish is just these only.. but i don why, i always tend to hope for things tat i noe i wont be able to have it now... i just wan it.. but to achieve it is really diff and tiring and complicated...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yang yang

He is really naughty, let miie use this to end my day:):)

new life

sch started two days ago and i get to noe many new friends and im trying my very best to adapt to the environment, as studying at poly is really diff from sec sch. The usual routine tat i use to have is change now... for now, i feel tat the sch is really very big, and i can even lost my way in sch, all the place look so similar, i cannot find my way to the place whr i will be having lesson... but i hope tat i can get my way right in future...
lessons alr start and i noe i need to be more focus on my work better.. i wan to train myself to become more independent, i don wan to rely on people so much, i noe tat i am capable of handling matters by myself well.. i believe i can do it!!!